Bra Padding Cup+ Extreme Silicone Bra Padding
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Bra Padding Cup+ Extreme Silicone Bra Padding


If you are looking for bigger breasts, or you have found over time that your breasts have either gone south or that one is not the same size as the other. Then this item is ideal for you.

The Bra Padding cup solves such problems. A delicate, lightweight Silicone sac placed discreetly into your bra can rectify the deviation between sizes by offering a natural effect giving you an equally curved beautiful pair of breasts.

  • Increases your cup size by 2-3 sizes larger
  • Easily placed into the bra or bikini
  • Feels natural and moves with your body
  • Suitable for all cup sizes
  • Provides a ‘killer’ cleavage
  • Washable and water resistant
  • Comes as a pair

As Mother Nature can sometimes deal us a pair of breasts that, let’s just say, are not identical twins. Providing us with one breast slightly smaller than the other, or quite frankly not enough to fit into a cup or give us a womanly, sexy shape. The Bra Padding Cup solves just this.

The only way to find out how it feels and to see how your cleavage will be transformed is to give it a try.

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The Cup+ extreme silicone Bra fillings enlarge your breasts with 2-3 cup sizes. It also gives a natural effect and beautiful curves. Your breasts feel, move and look like real breasts. Can also be used in your bikini or bathing suit. This product is often used when there are differences in breast sizes between both breasts. Package comes with two pads.


100% siliconen


Packed per 2 pieces

Dimensions filling:

Unit weight:Width:Heighte:Thickness:
Cup+ Extreme Silicone Bra fillings~134g~12cm~10cm~2,5cm