Lift or padding

You have everything you need to be beautiful. In fact, you already are. You have beautiful curves, and to highlight them you just have to highlight your attributes. For you, we have a line of butt lift underwear, which will help you show off a toned body, well-defined figure and molded buttocks. If you have all the volume you want in your buttocks, but the flaccidity reduces your self-confidence, this line is for you. Plus, Linorie’s Butt Lift Underwear molds your abdomen, thighs and hips, keeping them in place with support as you need it. It is done! You are yourself, in your best version.

Or maybe you have a toned body, you don’t need lifting and you just want more volume in your glutes and hips. If this is what you are looking for, at Linorie we have padded underwear, perfect for increasing your buttocks and hips, in just seconds! Don’t worry, our butt lift underwear is discreet, no one will discover our little secret. And most importantly, you will not notice that you bring filler either, it will feel like a second skin. Linorie padded underwear is all you need to have the curves you’ve always wanted, making you even sexier than you already are.